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This amazing plant has been used for thousands of years medicinally, spiritually, and recreationally. With the advancement of cannabis worldwide and an ever expanding consumer base it is imperative to properly educate the consumer on how to use and interact with cannabis safely. 




This is important enough to list at the top of this page. Cannabis is medicine and should be treated as you would any other medicine. Keep your cannabis products in child resistant packaging and stored in a location not accessible to them. In legal cannabis states the standard is for all cannabis products to be properly labeled, tested and dosed. Keep all original literature with the product and properly label all unmarked product as well.




Pets are also a concern, don’t leave any cannabis products where the animal has access.




This may seem obvious but never break the law. Cannabis is still considered a Schedule 1 narcotic (same as heroin) federally in the USA. Many states have changed their laws to lesson the severity or have taken steps to legalize cannabis for medical and or recreational use within their borders. If you reside in the states start with NORML’s great website on the current status of state laws. If you are international, do your research on the internet and combine the facts from multiple sources until you firmly understand the current legal status in your area.




Experts come in all forms. In legal cannabis states in the USA medical doctors are just beginning to be able to talk freely about the various uses of cannabis when applied to medical conditions. Some states (such as Colorado and California) also require an MD to sign off on your condition before your able to apply for a medical marijuana card. In areas where you don’t have access to an MD, look for alternative care providers and close and trusted family and friends to ask questions about cannabis and if it’s right for you. The last option is to search out websites such as this one so you gain a better understanding of cannabis while keeping your research private.




There are 1000’s of flowers (strains) created through the ages. Each has their own unique sensations to offer an individual due to various levels of compounds present in each strain. You may love the feeling you get from one strain and dislike yet another. The key to determining if cannabis is right for you is to start with a small dose (2-5 MG of THC) and see how you feel. This is part of teaching yourself the differences of the plant on you personally. Since cannabis is safe to interact with for the vast majority of consumers you can explore the plant knowing that it is safe.




We have already stated that cannabis isn’t for everyone. To further this fact be aware of any medical condition where cannabis may have a serious negative impact on your health. Better to be safe than sorry!




Even if you’re an experienced user you can still go too far and have an unpleasant experience. The good news is that cannabis is still incredibly safe plant to consume and based on thousands of years of humans using this plant they have still decided that they want to continue using it on a massive global scale. START SLOWLY Remember this isn’t a race. There’s no reason to step outside your comfort and knowledge zone. Learn all you can and ask a lot of questions so that you can gain the experience needed to expand you’re the variety of cannabis products available.




Never consume something you are unsure about. It’s best to be safe and conservative instead of losing control by consuming too much cannabis heading to couch lock for the next few hours!




It’s easy to get carried away and consume too much but stick to one cannabis item in a 24 hour period. Gauge your level of tolerance with that one product so you can fully understand your tolerance. NEVER MIX CANNABIS WITH ALCOHOL OR ANY OTHER DRUG.






There are 100’s of compounds present in cannabis, terpenes, waxes, chlorophyll CBD, CBG, and different forms of THC to name just a few. The commonly accepted reason why we feel the “high” from cannabis is when Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol attaches itself for a brief period (1-6 hours) to receptors in your brain calledthe  CB1 Receptor (cannabinoid receptor type1) .That’s right your brain has receptors that actually recognize and react to the stimulus of the THC compound. Also, when consuming cannabis so you digest it in your stomach the Delta-9 THC is metabolized in the liver and is also converted into 11-Hydroxy-THC (then further to 11-nor-9-carboxy-THC). It's still not clear what full effects are produced from this additional conversion but it is worth being noted. 


Since Delta-9 THC is one of the more obvious sensations we experience this is what we are trying to dose and manage as a consumer.





Establish your own limits and never bend to peer pressure. This is one of the major steps to ensuring that you have a positive experience most every time you engage with the plant.


Use CANNABIS right


Regardless of how safe something is things do happen. The vast majority of people stay properly hydrated and have a snack handy to keep the blood sugar level up. If you feel like the bad experience is too much to handle call a friend to help out and to keep a watch over you. If this still isn’t enough have that friend take you to an emergency room so you can be monitored by medical staff. Most people come out of the bad experience with 3-6 hours. Again, be safe and smart about your cannabis consumption!




Whether using cannabis medicinally, recreationally, spiritually or a combination of any of these the point of using cannabis is to have a positive experience. Do what’s best for you and spread the word on safe cannabis consumption!

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