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This is a simple guideline to help you establish your personal safe level of consumption and tolerance when using cannabis. You know your own body so always do what is right for you. 


Since all flowers, edibles and concentrates offer a different amount of THC in the unit purchased it is up to you to establish your own safe level of use. Just because you purchase a 100 MG chocolate bar DOES NOT MEAN that it is suggested that you consume the entire bar in one session. Viewed another way, when you purchase a bottle of aspirin you do not take the entire bottle at once for a single headache. Since the vast majority of cannabis products you purchase are MULTI-DOSE units PLEASE use these products based on your own level of tolerance and over a safe period of time.





This is a very conservative amount but the idea is to establish a safe amount of cannabis an individual can consume. Once you determine your true level of tolerance then you can safely adjust the level and frequency to meet their own needs.


Since Delta 9 THC (activated) is the commonly accepted active ingredient creating the euphoria experienced when consuming cannabis we are using this as the testing point. For purposes of safely determining your level of tolerance we are suggesting no more than 2-5 MG of THC within a 24 hour period.






These are SUGGESTED amounts of THC over a 24 hour period to help YOU establish your own level of tolerance. If you are unsure about where to start seek the advice of an expert BEFORE consumption to help in establishing your own safe level of cannabis consumption.


First Timer


Frequency of use: Never


THC (activated) amount suggested over a 24 hour period:​ 2-5 MG




Frequency of use: once a month


THC (activated) amount suggested over a 24 hour period:​ 6-10 MG




Frequency of use: once a week


THC (activated) amount suggested over a 24 hour period:11-20 MG




Frequency of use: once a day


THC (activated) amount suggested over a 24 hour period:​ 21+ MG





THC levels vary dramatically from strain to strain and edibles to concentrates. THC levels typically range from 5 MG to 300 MG in a single unit (not a single serving to be clear). A flower can have 7% to 24% THC and pure C02 oil can have as much as 90+% THC by volume. For legal medical and recreational cannabis states and countries lab testing is becoming the standard. When you purchase flowers, edibles and concentrates the THC level should be clearly marked on the packaging. If you purchase cannabis products without testing and labeling it is suggested that you start with a dose that would seem insignificant. Never start with a dab of oil (again 90+% pure THC isn’t something to gauge your tolerance). Enjoy the experience and see how you felt in the 24 hour period. Maybe it wasn’t enough the first time but it’s better than the alternative.


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